Starbucks Logo – An Overview of Design, History And Evolution

“Starbucks is a huge brand of brewed coffee with its outlets in every part of the globe. It began with a humble beginning and grew its reach gradually. Nowadays, everyone knows Starbucks the logo and brand as an indication of a reliable coffee brand. From the beginning it has been able to play an integral part in the expansion of the company. But, the brand’s modern simple mermaid logo wasn’t identical in its first stage. Its style also changed with the company’s brand. This is how the logo evolved over time.”

When we talk about coffee, the first thing that is sure to pop into every coffee lover’s mind is Starbucks, which is one of the best coffee shops.

Someone once said : Get up and smell the coffee. It’s true. Coffee is the all-purpose mood booster. It is the holy drink that helps people all over the globe beat the blues of Monday. It is also the reason that Starbucks has the most well-studied consumers’ love of coffee.

Starbucks is a world-wide coffee giant that began as a small-scale coffee retailer. Based in Seattle it’s today the world’s largest cafe chain which includes around 20891 outlets across the 62 countries.

The company was founded in a modest way and quickly became the most renowned coffee brand.

Here Is How You Can Get An Idea Of How Big This Brand Is In Terms Of Stats

  • Starbucks had 32,646 locations across the globe in the year 2020.
  • The same year, the company’s revenue was 19.16 million dollars.
  • The typical client of Starbucks is in the store at least six times a month. However, 20 percent of customers visit the store as many as 16 times per month.
  • Starbucks offers 87,000 drinks on their menu.
  • From 1987 onwards, Starbucks added two new stores every day across the world to its stores.

How It All Started For Starbucks

The three founding partners Three partners Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl as well as Gordon Bowker founded Starbucks in Seattle, Washington, on March 30, 1971..

The group named the company Pequod after the whaling ship from the film of Herman Melville’s American classic, Moby-Dick. The name, however, was an unusual one and, after a number of talks, the group changed the company’s name to Starbuck the chief mate of the Pequod.


Starbucks founders -- Jerry Baldwin, Zev Seigl along with Gordon Bowker

The very first Starbucks store that the three founders began did not offer the brewed coffee. 

They wanted to market bags of coffee beans.


They were taught the process for roasting beans in coffee from a person known as Alfred Peet. Thus, the founders founded the company to provide roasting coffee beans for the general public.


In their search for an appropriate name for their company they looked up the map and saw a city title “Strabo” on it. This is the reason for Starbucks as the company’s name.Starbucks. There are many other theories regarding the source of the name.

Started With Selling Coffee Beans

But, fifteen years after the launch of Starbucks in the year 2000, it was not selling espresso coffee. However, it did offer coffee beans for free obtained through Alfred Pete, and these coffee beans were very popular with consumers.

By the year 1986, Starbucks had started selling its coffee at the six Starbucks locations located in Seattle. Then, in 1987 the company’s founders sold the company to previous manager Howard Schulz, its sole owner. Schulz was able to expand Starbucks and transformed it into the company we have today.

The company is specialized in providing an extensive selection of coffees that would otherwise be difficult to make for customers. Starbuck has earned the trust of customers who appreciate coffee even in this day and age world, which is where there are numerous coffee shops owned by locals.

The Most Recognized Logo

The reason Starbucks remains a large cup of coffee is the logo. Starbucks logo is a symbol of the past and trust. The public has been noticing this emblem of business for a long time. The mermaid’s logo is regarded as a symbol of some kind and are proud of it.

The design of the logo makes them want to go to Starbucks coffee shops to drink a cup. It is possible to say that the distinctive style of the Starbucks logo has been the primary key factor in the massive growth of the company.

Starbucks logo and packaging are distinctive and have a design that constantly draws the attention and interest of people who are looking. We all know that the logo (designed by an experienced designer or creator of logos) can be the image of a business.

This iconic symbol is among the most well-known corporate logos that coffee lovers all over the world adore. It’s no exaggeration to claim that the distinctive design that is Starbucks’ logo Starbucks logo has greatly contributed to the success of the company worldwide.

The most recent Starbucks logo features a simplified version of its previous logos, as is the text surrounding it and the logo has no the double outer circles that it used to have.

The logo’s new design is a symbol that can be used in a variety of ways. It appears stunning on T-shirt designs and signage’s brochures websites, and other promotional items.

We bring you closer and intimate with the look the history and evolution that has shaped the Starbucks logo that is nothing less than stunning.

Starbucks Logo - Evolution History


The Siren

The first Starbucks logo was that of the “twin-tailed mermaid”, or siren. Greek mythology says that sirens enticed sailors to wrecks off the shores of an isolated island within the South Pacific, also sometimes called Starbuck Islands. The first Starbucks founders utilized the Starbucks logo to draw coffee drinkers from all over the world.

In discussing the Starbucks logo’s significance, Steve Murray, creative director of Starbucks Global Creative Studio, had once said that Starbucks Global Creative Studio, has once stated, “The Siren is] certainly about coffee, but it’s more than just coffee. It’s about being kind to others, and being kind in the eyes of the entire world.

We do this by how the coffee we purchase comes from, the way helping farmers, by the way that we handle our consumers as well as how we treat our suppliers. It’s all about being decent citizens of the world and caring for each other by doing so and taking a stand to stand up for what we believe in.”

The original Starbucks logo has been transformed due to the rapid increase in the popularization of Starbucks. The logo now is among the top well-known symbols around the globe.

Since its conception the initial Starbucks logo has seen numerous modifications. The design underwent dramatic changes in 1987, when Howard Schultz acquired the company.

The company has removed the words “Starbucks”, “Coffee”, “Tea” and “Spice”, and changed it to ”Starbucks Coffee”‘.

Schultz has had the previously complicated Starbucks logo streamlined and added a more refined appearance and feel to the corporate logo. Despite the drastic changes to the logo the Starbucks logo has retained the original ‘Mermaid’ symbol.

One of the main reasons that people can recognize the Starbucks logo is its distinctive shape and clever use of simple, soothing colors. The current design is circular, and beautifully displays an image depicting a siren within the white and green color scheme.

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Here's How The Starbucks Logo Design Evolved Over The Years

1971 to 1987

Starbucks logo first came out in 1971 and would be the logo of the brand throughout the following fifteen years. The original logo for 1971 was a two-tailed mermaid or siren. The logo had a wordmark on the badge’s circular shape.

The siren Starbucks initial logo was full of detail. There were numerous tiny accents giving it a rich and traditional appearance. Additionally, the logo featured the text in block letters, using moderne sans-serif typeface. This typeface complemented the intricate appearance of the mermaid in the center and outside of the circular.

The text that was on the thick border of the circular was business name “Starbucks”” on top. Then, it read: Coffee tea spices” appeared on the bottom. Two white dots were in each corner of “Tea”.

1987 to 1992

In 1987, Starbucks introduced a different Starbucks logo. The logo included a brand new feature — a green hue. The round, thick representation of the siren’s image was green.

Two words “Starbucks”” and “Coffee” appeared in the broad, frames of the siren’s round frame. The typeface was more bold and the letters were also larger and bolder.

This logo displayed the image of a naked mermaid or siren, adorned in flowing, flowing hair. But the logo included the mermaid’s navel prominently visible.


The name of the company was displayed inside a circle. There were two stars each side. In addition, the company launched the color green to signify Starbucks its expansion, innovation, freshness and success as well as the fact that Howard Schultz acquired.

It was also the Starbuck logo also featured the feature consisting of white dots both sides of the circular. These dots were five-pointed white stars.

The third variation of Starbucks logo was transformed into a sleek design that included close-ups of the fish. The navel vanished from the design, leaving just the tail of the fish was clearly visible.

The logo was the colors white and green in a palette, with the name of the company included in the wordmark within the circle. Two stars were placed to either end.

1992 to 2011

The designers in 1992 increased the siren’s image to the point that their face was the largest in space in the circle. The viewers now could only see their face as well as hair, and an additional hint of two tails of mermaids.

Another design change saw was the font. The new Starbucks logo was a more modernized typeface, with letters becoming larger and wider. This is the reason why it was the most popular symbol in the early days.

2011 to Today

The company updated Starbucks’ logo in 2011. Starbucks logo in the year 2011 and changed it to a more bright and more simplified version of the earlier one. The year was when Starbucks was celebrating 40 years of existence. The siren went all white, with her hair as well as her two tails hung on the color green on the Starbucks background.

The logo appeared simple following the words “Starbucks”‘” and “Coffee”” not included in the logo. Additionally, the designers removed both stars. This meant that the back details were not present in the latest revamp. With the distinct color scheme and the unique color combination, the logo of the company’s change was completed.

Then, when the designers have decided that the siren’s appearance should be focused on the Starbucks logo’s redesign They made some changes. They made significant changes in how the siren’s face eyes, hair, and eyes were positioned. One of the major modifications they made was to change the position of her face. The design was radically altered in a more significant way.

The flowing locks of Siren look wider in the brand new Starbucks logo. Her face was made more broader and important, and was placed in an asymmetrical place.

However, the face of the mermaid had some slight right-of-center shading so as so that it didn’t look like the appearance of a mask. The reason she chose to make her face appear symmetrical was to make her siren’s appearance more real and believable.

After ten years of redesigning, Starbucks remains using the same textless Starbucks logo. The logo is now a more simple symbol that people are able to recognize all over the world.

Starbucks Logo - Design Elements

Starbucks iconic logo design was the idea from Terry Heckler, who poured through the old books on marine until the idea for the logo that was inspired by an old 16th century Norse woodcut of A mermaid with two tails.


The famous Starbucks logo is one of the most recognizable symbols and has been awarded the most prestigious design awards due to its modern style and exquisite details.

The logo was recently subjected to an overhaul to mark their 40th year anniversary as a giant coffee chain in the year 2011. The design was created done by the Starbucks internal design team as well as Lippincott.

Here's A Smattering Of The Starbucks Logo Design Elements

i. Shape:

Starbucks logo Starbucks brand logo has a circular shape. The design also includes the Starbucks brand name as an inscription inside the circles, with two stars the opposite side. The most recent logo design includes an expanded Siren without stars, and the wordmark.

A circle is one of the most frequently used geometric shapes used in graphic design. A majority of designers communicate eternity with the circle, which has no endpoint and beginning point.


Perhaps, the Starbucks logo creators thought of this particular expression when they decided to use the circular shape. Perhaps they were trying to symbolize the continuous development or the legacy that the industry of coffee has had.

The circular-shaped version of 1987’s Starbucks logo featured the word “Standard” inside the circle as well as two stars on the outside of the circle. These elements are no longer an element of Starbucks’ logo as of today.

ii. Color:

White and green are the primary colors of Starbucks. The green is the dominant color of the Starbucks logo’s logo, as it is the background color, whereas white is used for the primary siren symbol.

It is the colour that symbolizes healing as well as protection and nature. It also symbolizes wealth. Coffee is a plant therefore, it’s no need to wonder that it is green that’s the predominant color of the logo.

However, green could also represent the Starbuck logo due to another reason. Starbuck has had a history of ethnically sourcing its coffee throughout the decades. Therefore, it is keen to establish a positive relationship with local farmers as well as customers. With the green color in its branding, Starbucks would like people to think of it as a company that is socially responsible.

iii. Fonts:

The Starbucks logo is now devoid of text. It was once a simple , but large font. The brand’s name was written as block letters in the sans-serif Starbucks font style in a clear and clean manner.

After the company had become well-known and popular among coffee enthusiasts across the world, it decided to remove its name from its logo. Customers are able to quickly identify the place of business by viewing its logo.

This was an interesting look at which Starbucks logo changed through the years. It indicates that the company kept an eye for changes in the times and updated its logo swiftly.

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Wrapping Up

Starbucks logo is an original minimalist design. It is today just an image of the siren’s face with long flowing locks and a hint two tails of a sea mermaid. It’s certainly an extremely famous logos. It started out as an intricate mermaid-themed logo to one with two stars and some type of text. The company gradually removed the additional elements, making it a simple logo with the colors of white and green that is what we see in the present.

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